Terminal accessibility

Arrival and check-In

•    The airport has two designated parking spaces located directly in front of the terminal building, in the short-term parking lot.
•    There is an accessible passenger drop-off and pick-up area running along the front of the terminal building.
•    Sidewalks are all barrier-free. 

•    All entrances to the terminal building are equipped with automatic sliding doors. 

•    The entire facility is on the ground level and is completely wheelchair accessible. 

Personal assistance

•    Airport management, Commissionaires, and tenants have received sensitivity training.

TTY phones

•    The airport is equipped with one TTY phone located inside the terminal at the arrivals entrance.
•    All pay phones in the public area are equipped with volume controls. 


•    Each washroom is equipped with one barrier-free stall.

•    All sinks have elongated handles on the taps and hand dryers are installed at lower levels for ease of accessibility.

Accessible local transportation serving the airport

Name of Service Provider: Diamond Taxi

Telephone: (506) 648-8888

Description of Service: Equipped with barrier-free vans that are available upon request. Arrangements are to be made with the taxi company directly and in advance in order to ensure availability.

Other accessibility features

The airport authority, in collaboration with the local chapter of the CNIB, invites people to familiarize themselves with what they can expect when they come to the airport. There can be arrangements made to guide visitors through the check-in process right to the aircraft, as well as anything additional they may require. Airport terminal tours can be arranged by calling the airport at 506-638-5555.

The Flight Information Data System is accessible to the visually impaired by telephone. Contact the Saint John Airport at 506-638-5555.

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