Every day the Saint John Airport welcomes visitors from all over the globe, so it’s both our privilege and responsibility to make a good first impression on behalf of our city and region. We are proud to showcase the best our community has to offer with our ‘Art at the Airport’ series.

The work of well-known local artists is showcased to enhance the welcoming atmosphere for our passengers. Located throughout the first floor of the terminal building, the exhibits include paintings, displays of jewelry, pottery and mixed media pieces and a welcome wall of local photography. Exhibits are changed regularly, offering passengers and visitors a continually rotating display of artwork to enjoy.

We also offer display space for non profits, community groups and educational facilities.

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Art Gallery

Suzanne Hill

In the Fall of 2016 the Atlantic Ballet were kind enough to let me sit in on a couple of "ordinary" days' work and rehearsal. I watched, photographed, sketched and considered their work process, the development of performance from scratch. Most significant was the opportunity to look at each dancer - what they wore, how each prepared for "class", the shapes, exercises, and movements involved in stretching and warming up their bodies - the tools their discipline requires (expects?) to execute/communicate whatever is asked of them. Hard work was COLD in that rehearsal space, and gradually the leggings, the quilted jackets, the layers of warmth were shed. The impressive bodies emerged - to rehearse, to experiment and repeat until it was "right".

My residency resulted in heightened awareness of the practice, the work that goes into the development and maintenance of a dancer's expressive medium. Each individual body must be able to do anything that is needed to execute, to perform, and communicate as a solo movement or as part of a group. And then, as a comparison, to create images of the explorations that went into the development, execution and presentation of a series that illustrates some of this extensive work that must happen both "pre-performance" and "pre-visual art".

Shown here are 4 wall hung layered groupings of life size standing/moving/practicing dancers, both drawn on brown paper, mylar, and acetate.


Gallery Cases Current exhibit: September 2019 to Present

Timothy ‘Bjorn’ Jones

Odin, Vili & Ve, the three brothers, are credited in the Gylfaginning (Prose Edda - 13th century) with having created the first humans: Askr & Embla (Ash & Elm).

Fashioned from driftwood, Odin breathed life into them, Vili gave them conscious thought and understanding, while Ve gave them their physical appearance.

These carvings are my representation of Vili and Ve. As I follow the Norse creation story, I wanted to foremost pay tribute to the three brothers; the first carvers who fashioned the human form out of wood. I believe it is these three things: the breath of life, our material form, and our conscious thought, that define what makes us human.

Each piece is traditionally carved without the use of power tools and sanded to by hand.

I-Chun Jenkins

An honors graduate in Textile Design from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design in 1994, I-Chun began her career in the fibre arts weaving scarves and shawls using yarn that she dyed in the traditional Japanese wrap dyeing technique known as IKAT.

In 1998 I-Chun decided to focus all of her creative energy on raising a family.

In 2013 she setup a home studio and began the process of getting back into weaving and creating with fibre. I-Chun was never one to follow tradition nor wanted to duplicate any piece of work so she looked at working with non-traditional weaving material.

Her love of magazines, nature and protecting the environment lead her to an artist’s logical conclusion. She decided to reuse the magazines by using the pages as her material source for her weaving and art work. Pages are meticulously cut, sliced, weaved, crocheted or folded together to create a very unique piece of art, a one of a kind piece of art work.

Don Pell

Don Pell Graduated Sheridan College School of Design in 1975 majoring in both Glass and Metal. After that he apprenticed with well known metal sculptor John McEwan. He has also been lucky enough to work with a number of international recognized artists in both media. He has taught design and sculpture workshops at numerous post secondary institutions in Canada and the US.

Several years ago, Don had the privilege of creating a sculpture show at Kingsbrae Gardens in St. Andrews. A number of these sculptures became the core the Garden's permanent sculpture garden.

His sculptural work is found in both public and private collections throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

Emily McCumber

This large scarf or shawl starts out as undyed, unspun fibre. I choose the colours I want as an end product and dye the fibres accordingly using weak acid dyes. The fibre is then spun in to a two-ply yarn. Once the yarn is washed and dried, I am able to make a warp, dress my loom and weave the beautiful piece of cloth you see before you. This process is a labour of love and as such produces truly one-of-a-kind items.

Welcome Wall Current exhibit: September 2016 – Present

croppedimage160160 brian comeau
Brian Comeau

Brian lives along the Bay of Fundy in Saint John with his wife and three children. His inspiration is drawn from the natural beauty of the Maritimes, with its picturesque landscapes, majestic coastlines and beautiful lakes and rivers. The Bay of Fundy, with its highest tides in the world and rocky rugged coastlines, is a favourite destination for Brian. 

croppedimage160160 rob roy
Rob Roy

Well-known New Brunswick photographer Rob Roy lives and works in the historic Trinity Royal area of Saint John. Although Rob has worked as a commercial photographer, he is best known for his artistic projects, which are particularly evident in his book Saint John (first published in 2004 and reprinted in 2013). This much loved book brings together everyday scenes of Saint John and has been a must-have book for visitors and residents of the city. 

Saint John Airport Permanent Collection

Fred Harrison

Fred says of himself, “I love to paint big.” A native of London, Ontario, Fred came to New Brunswick to take part in the Sussex Mural Celebration. While working here, he became captivated by the beauty of this province, and he is now at home in a small cottage in the wilds of Goshen. 

Although Fred has done many pieces of public art, his paintings can also be found hanging on the walls of many homes in New Brunswick and beyond.

michael mcquay
Michael McQuay

Native to Waterloo, Ontario, Michael worked as a commercial photographer in Toronto for many years. Sixteen years ago, seduced by the open space and brilliance of the Saint John River Valley, he traded urban life for rural. A self-taught artist, since 2001 he and his partner Cyndi Brittain have designed and produced original work from their Queenstown studio.

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