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Here at YSJ, another way that we connect to our community is by showcasing some of the best it has to offer.  We have the opportunity to display and share some amazing artwork by local artists– and with different artists being featured all the time, there is always something new to see.

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Art Gallery

Kathy Hooper

The John Series

My work has always been based on my life at the time of their being painted. In this group of work I was trying to come to terms with the last years and then the death of my husband John. A very hard time for me. I always have used color to express feelings and the use of strong rich color dominates these paintings.

The Dogs of Progresso, Mexico 

In this series I was trying to express something about the lives of the dogs who often wander the streets and beaches of Progresso, a small town John and I would go to in the Yucatan Province of Mexico. These dogs lead hard lives and I think they taught me a great deal about just getting on with your life whatever the circumstances.
For more information about Kathy Hooper or her work please contact Tandi Hooper-Clark at or by calling 506-640-0205.

Gallery Cases Current exhibit: September 2017 to Present

Elizabeth Harrison - The Pottery Shop-Crimmins Pottery

Crimmins Pottery is a second generation business and has long been a part of the New Brunswick craft community. Allan and Sarah Crimmins have been producing quality handmade pottery since 1970. Their daughter Elizabeth joined the business in 1995 and now runs the business with husband John and their two spirited boys…Gregor and Ben. Elizabeth is continuing the family business of producing functional stoneware pottery as well as some one of kind pieces.
“Much of how and where I live is captured in my work; my life is constantly changing and being influenced by the work I do”.
The studio is situated along the St. John River at Shampers Bluff, just 35 kilometers from Saint John, New Brunswick. Visitors are always welcome, may watch work in progress and browse through the shop full of creative pieces suitable for any setting.

Steve Jones

Various wood combined with recycled skateboards

The act of collecting boards and preparing them is an engaging process. While I strip the old skate decks, I can see and feel the intensity and history of the board and its skater. The physical makeup of the decks makes them an extremely challenging material for typical woodworking techniques. The contrast between colour and the grain of the decks leaves spectacular but subtle results. I am distinctly attracted to the point just before something becomes audacious. I hope that viewers see the innuendo of boldness within, and that they question the origins and experience of the materials at play.

Judy Brittain - Mosaic Art Works

Many of the glass mosaics are created from photographs of travel and exploring nature. During a riding tour of Tuscany I was inspired by the gorgeous architecture and ancient stone works. The Kennebecasis River Valley has always been an inspiration with her deep rooted banks and winding waters.

Judy Brittain is best known for her fun and colourful glass mosaic work. Resonating with the joy of travel and culture, Brittain's mosaics consist of brightly coloured towns, sweeping landscapes and playful animals. She takes some inspiration from Picasso's cubism period, VanGogh's expressive brush strokes and Emily Carr's passion of Canadian wilderness. Brittain's work expresses her appreciation for diversity in culture, beliefs in Joie de vivre and finding the beauty in every day.

Art Jewel Designs by Gallagher & Tremblay

Kyoto Series Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings/Sterling Silver
Gossamer Series Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings-Sterling silver, 14k Rose Gold Fill
Juicy Slices Series Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings- Sterling Silver, Hand- Made Glass

Art Jewel Designs a studio partnership between Trudy Gallagher and Sandra Tremblay. Combining their love of organics, stones, nature and resulting in mystical stone set expressions of the marriage of design, stones and metal. With their eyes focused on building limited edition, one of a kind and exploring new techniques their best work is evolving everyday.

Welcome Wall Current exhibit: September 2016 – Present

croppedimage160160 brian comeau
Brian Comeau

Brian lives along the Bay of Fundy in Saint John with his wife and three children. His inspiration is drawn from the natural beauty of the Maritimes, with its picturesque landscapes, majestic coastlines and beautiful lakes and rivers. The Bay of Fundy, with its highest tides in the world and rocky rugged coastlines, is a favourite destination for Brian. 

croppedimage160160 rob roy
Rob Roy

Well-known New Brunswick photographer Rob Roy lives and works in the historic Trinity Royal area of Saint John. Although Rob has worked as a commercial photographer, he is best known for his artistic projects, which are particularly evident in his book Saint John (first published in 2004 and reprinted in 2013). This much loved book brings together everyday scenes of Saint John and has been a must-have book for visitors and residents of the city. 

Saint John Airport Permanent Collection

Fred Harrison

Fred says of himself, “I love to paint big.” A native of London, Ontario, Fred came to New Brunswick to take part in the Sussex Mural Celebration. While working here, he became captivated by the beauty of this province, and he is now at home in a small cottage in the wilds of Goshen. 

Although Fred has done many pieces of public art, his paintings can also be found hanging on the walls of many homes in New Brunswick and beyond.

michael mcquay
Michael McQuay

Native to Waterloo, Ontario, Michael worked as a commercial photographer in Toronto for many years. Sixteen years ago, seduced by the open space and brilliance of the Saint John River Valley, he traded urban life for rural. A self-taught artist, since 2001 he and his partner Cyndi Brittain have designed and produced original work from their Queenstown studio.

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