SAINT JOHN, NB – Saint John Airport Inc. announces their Biometric Digital ID project to enhance airport security will be presented at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) third annual Global Aviation Security Symposium in September.

“It’s truly exciting when a small Canadian airport and an even smaller start-up tech company, both from Atlantic Canada, can be the first to build a leading-edge security solution that surpasses world-class standards found at the largest airports in the world,” said YSJ President and CEO, Derrick Stanford. “I’m very proud that the Saint John Airport’s Biometric Digital ID project that we developed with OARO is being presented to the world aviation community this month at the ICAO’s Global Aviation Security Symposium.”

In February of 2019 the Saint John Airport announced their partnership with OARO (formerly Nodalblock), an Atlantic Canadian technology startup based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. YSJ was the first airport in North America to publicly announce a digital identity project integrating blockchain and biometric authentication. Safety is the airport’s number one priority and OARO’s leading edge technology eliminates the possibility of unauthorized access to the airport’s executive offices, a critical area for security operations in the event of an emergency.

Daniel Faria, Chief Security Officer of OARO, will be presenting YSJ’s Biometric Digital ID project on September 18 at ICAO’s third annual Global Aviation Security Symposium (AVSEC2019) held at ICAO Headquarters in Montréal, Canada, from September 18 to 19, 2019. As the global forum for cooperation among its Member States and the world aviation community, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) sets and evolves standards and recommended practices supporting safe and reliable air services all over the world.

“The current challenge for airports is to manage the access of employees and contractors to controlled areas,” said OARO President and CEO, Joel Leetzow. “Together YSJ and OARO have launched an innovative technology that provides enhanced access control and an auditable and immutable record of entry and exit to controlled areas within the airport.”

The Federal Government of Canada and governments globally dictate to airports the protocols and procedures for passenger access into restricted areas on airport property. However, airports are left to figure out for themselves the process for access management of employees and contractors to restricted areas. On September 18 at the ICAO’s Global Aviation Security Symposium, OARO plans to introduce to Canada and the World their Biometric Digital ID developed for the Saint John Airport. “It is our hope that we can change the way airports approach standardized secure access for employees and contractors across the globe,” said Leetzow.

Phase 1 of the pilot project focused on developing an Access Management solution for the airport’s executive offices. Authorized airport employees can now enter controlled areas of YSJ’s main terminal using OARO’s Biometric Digital ID with facial recognition authentication that runs on the airport’s standard security cameras without the need for retinal scanners. Employees can simply walk up to a secured door and have it unlock automatically. This eliminates the possibility of unauthorized access with a stolen employee ID swipe card or key.


About OARO
OARO Technology Inc. (formerly Nodalblock) is a Canadian company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada founded in 2017. It offers facial recognition as part of a cybersecurity platform for employees and customers based on distributed ledger technology (DLT), and automates KYC procedures with facial recognition, photo ID verification, form auto-filling and the convenience of a digital signature. Its products include a mobile ticket delivery system to reduce scalping and counterfeiting, and logical and physical access control systems.

For more information please visit: www.nodalblock.com
After September 15, 2019 visit: www.oaro.net
For additional information or to coordinate an interview, please contact:
Joel Leetzow, President and CEO
E-mail: Joel@NodalBlock.com

About the Saint John Airport
The Saint John Airport Inc. is a community based, not-for-profit corporation serving the air travel needs of residents of southwestern New Brunswick. The airport (YSJ) is a key element in the economic and social development of the Greater Saint John region with an economic impact estimated at $68.7 million, with more than 480 jobs created directly and indirectly. The Saint John Airport reinvests all profits back into the airport and local communities.

For additional information or to coordinate an interview, please contact:
Derrick Stanford, President and CEO
Saint John Airport Office: 506-644-8607
E-mail: dstanford@sjairport.ca


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