YSJ now has one of the safest airfields in Canada

I am delighted to announce that YSJ’s runway renovations are officially complete and we now have one of the most modern and safe airfields in all of Canada. The Saint John Airport now meets the latest safety and technology standards resulting in improved navigation for pilots, and fewer flight cancellations and delays for our passengers.

The Airfield Modernization Project was completed both on-time and on budget. It comprised the complete rehabilitation and modernization of the airport’s two runways and the addition of centreline lighting on the primary runway to improve accessibility for arriving and departing aircraft. We were able to completely upgrade, and I mean upgrade everything - from the pavement, to the line painting, to all the drainage, to the added runway and safety areas.

Saint John is the third foggiest airport in Canada. So to have improved visibility and landing capability is something that pilots in particular are quite excited about. If they have to divert an aircraft there’s significant associated costs for the airlines. Now arriving and departing from Saint John is more attractive to our current airline partners, plus it will help us to attract new airlines in the future.

The growth of our airport is good for the city of Saint John and the Southern New Brunswick region. The Airfield Modernization Project has translated into an additional $21 million in economic impact for the Saint John region.

This project was possible thanks to a $10 million investment made by Transport Canada and $4 million by the Government of New Brunswick, plus more than $6 million committed by the Saint John Airport for a total project cost of $20.4 million.

Thanks to the funding made by Transport Canada and the Government of New Brunswick, airport fees will not increase as a result of these runway improvements.

This project was a major undertaking for our staff and partners and took 18 months to complete. Funding was announced in April 2018 and planning and design began later that Spring. Construction on our shorter runway began in August and continued until November 2018. The bulk of construction on our primary runway happened from May to October 2019. I would like to thank everyone who was involved with this project for their incredibly hard work.

And finally, I’d like to thank all of our passengers for your patience during the construction. I hope you feel peace of mind knowing your Saint John Airport has one of safest airfields in Canada.

Derrick Stanford
President & CEO
Saint John Airport Inc.


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