Throughout most of 2019, the Saint John Airport was under construction but I’m delighted to announce that our runway renovations are officially complete. As a result, YSJ now has one of the most modern and safe airfields in all of Canada.

The Airfield Modernization Project was a major undertaking and took 18 months to complete; a total project cost of $20.4 million. The Saint John Airport now meets the latest safety and technology standards resulting in improved navigation for pilots, and fewer flight cancellations and delays for our passengers. To learn more click here. I’d like to thank all of our passengers for your patience during the construction.

Other notable highlights of 2019 included:
• The Saint John Airport received an investment of $205,000 made through Transport Canada’s TARA (Transportation Asset Risks Assessment) Program. The Government of Canada’s investment recognizes the risk of climate change and will allow YSJ to conduct an Impact Assessment of Extreme Climate Change in 2020, preventing possible future tolls on our infrastructure, productivity and economy. To learn more click here.

• The Saint John Airport’s Biometric Digital ID project to enhance airport security was presented at the ICAO’s third annual Global Aviation Security Symposium. It’s truly exciting when a small Canadian airport and an even smaller start-up tech company, both from Atlantic Canada, can be the first to build a leading-edge security solution that surpasses world-class standards found at the largest airports in the world. To learn more click here.

• YSJ received Level 1 Certification from the Airport Carbon Accreditation program. The Saint John Airport is committed to helping our local and global environment and I’m proud that we’ve officially begun our journey to reduce YSJ’s carbon footprint. To learn more click here.

The Saint John Airport has big plans for 2020. Below are just some of the initiatives we’re working on this year that I’d like to share with you.

Enhancing Passenger Experience
We strive to optimize passenger experience and are currently working to bring you the following improvements:
• The introduction of Air Canada Rouge Service to YSJ. Beginning April 1, travellers flying to Toronto will enjoy larger aircraft (Airbus A319), shorter flight times, greater seat availability, plus improved amenities such as entertainment systems, business-class service, and a quieter cabin.
• Improved Parking and Taxi Experience. We’ll update and replace equipment in our short term parking to provide an improved experience for our airport users. In our long-term parking, Hot Spot Parking will be available very soon. In addition, we’re working to ensure our taxi service model meets or exceeds passenger expectations.
• Ongoing efforts to Broaden Air Service and Routes. We’re always working diligently with our airline partners to offer additional route options and destinations. We can’t make any promises, but we’re working on offering a direct US flight, as well as a new domestic and sun destination within the year.
• A new and exciting post-security Duty Free shopping & dining experience opens February 2020. To learn more click here.

Investing in Ourselves
YSJ has $6.7 Million in Capital Projects planned for 2020 including:
• Phase 4 of the Exterior Beautification Project that will see the completion of a new Terminal Building façade by the end of this year.
• Building a New Waste Water Treatment Plant to replace old infrastructure.
• Purchasing of a new specialized Airfield Fire Fighting Truck.
• Developing the design for a new Water Distribution System to take advantage of the new well on airport property.
• Procuring new heavy equipment for runway maintenance.
• Ongoing maintenance of airport buildings, equipment, systems & software, vehicles, runways, roads and grounds to ensure YSJ’s ongoing ability to meet safety requirements.

Demonstrating Leadership in Responsible & Environmental Business Practices
YSJ is committed to developing and implementing the following projects in 2020:
• Track and Reduce YSJ’s Carbon Emissions. In 2020, we’ll develop and implement an Environmental Plan to monitor and improve our commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) is a voluntary global carbon management program for airports that independently assesses and recognizes airports' efforts to manage and reduce their CO2 emissions. The Saint John Airport will track annual carbon emission sources, implement carbon reduction initiatives, and report annually to ACA with a goal to reach Level 2 Certification by 2022.

• Impact Assessment of Extreme Climate Change. Thanks to $205,000 in funding from Transport Canada (TARA Program), the Government of Canada will work with the Saint John Airport to prepare for and address the effects of climate change on YSJ’s infrastructure, protect airport operations and increase its resiliency following extreme weather events. The project will be conducted in 2020 at a total cost of $240k. Findings will be shared with the public.

Improving Airport Safety & Security
Safety is our first priority. The Saint John Airport has numerous Safety and Cyber Security Initiatives in 2020 to:
• Determine critical areas that will require enhanced safety and security measures.
• Improve safety regulatory compliance.
• Reduce risk of Cyber Security breaches and vulnerabilities.
• Oversee equipment updates, such as enhanced security cameras.
• Continue to partner with leading edge technology companies, ideally based in Atlantic Canada whenever possible, to adopt the newest security technology available.
• Ensure airport employees, tenants, partners, and passengers are aware of safety and security requirements and adhere to them.

Keep abreast of what’s happening at YSJ
If you’re interested in learning more about our plans, priorities and progress, I invite you to sign up to receive YSJ DISPATCHES, our quarterly e-newsletter or download the latest newsletter from our website here.

On behalf of the airport, the management team, our staff, and our board of directors, I’d like to thank this community for your continued support as we strive to create an even better airport.
Derrick Stanford
President & CEO
Saint John Airport Inc.


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