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Stay Connected

Your Saint John Airport offers free wi-fi, free USB connections and free power. Enjoy your airport experience by watching movies, playing games or keeping in touch with friends and associates.

Food and Beverages

Start your holiday with a glass of wine, try our fabulous Grilled Wraps or a classic burger in our open concept bistro.

Connections allows you to relax with a cold beer and a fresh-made sandwich, or satisfy that sweet tooth with a delectable pastry and hot steamy latte.  Our mission is to leave you with a positive and lasting impression of Saint John and its neighbouring communities.

Hours of Operations: 4:00am to 8:00pm

Travel Tips

For travel tips provided by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, vist there web site here - Travel Tips

Carry-on items permitted (and not-permitted) are listed - HERE

Travel Advisories

Travel advisories from Air Canada are available - HERE

Terminal Accessibility

Full details on terminal accessibility for persons with disabilities are -  HERE