Air CanadaToronto20:178949Departed
Air CanadaHalifax20:277602Departed
Flights on Date: Tuesday, September 02, 2014
Air CanadaToronto05:158945On Time
Air CanadaMontreal05:458791On Time
Air CanadaHalifax06:157596On Time
Air CanadaHalifax09:357598On Time
Air CanadaMontreal, Ottawa11:208789On Time
Air CanadaToronto12:108947On Time
Air CanadaHalifax15:157600On Time
Air CanadaMontreal18:008793On Time
Air CanadaToronto20:058949On Time
Air CanadaHalifax20:157602On Time
Date:  Monday, September 01Last updated Time:  22:44
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