Air CanadaToronto14:078950Arrived
Air CanadaHalifax14:537599Arrived
Air CanadaMontreal17:348786On Time
Air CanadaToronto19:148948On Time
Air CanadaHalifax20:007601On Time
Air CanadaMontreal23:248792On Time
Flights on Date: Thursday, August 28, 2014
Air CanadaToronto00:178972On Time
Air CanadaHalifax00:407603On Time
Air CanadaHalifax09:157597On Time
Air CanadaMontreal10:548788On Time
Air CanadaToronto11:378946On Time
Air CanadaToronto14:028950On Time
Air CanadaHalifax14:557599On Time
Date:  Wednesday, August 27Last updated Time:  15:53
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