Air CanadaACA7767Halifax08:4508:45Arrived
Air CanadaACA8788Montreal10:5310:38Arrived
Air CanadaACA8946Toronto11:3911:37On Time
Air CanadaACA7769Halifax14:3514:35On Time
Air CanadaACA7771Halifax19:4019:40On Time
Air CanadaACA8948Toronto20:0920:09On Time
Air CanadaACA8792Montreal23:2923:29On Time
Flights for October 26th 2016
Air CanadaACA8800Halifax00:1800:18On Time
Air CanadaACA8972Toronto01:1801:18On Time
Air CanadaACA7767Halifax08:4508:45On Time

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